Kesh Singh

Spy for the Church of Light

Class: Spy
LV 2
XP 6
Talents: Deception
Traits: Earth Affinity (weak), Impact Absorption/Transfer (free-running)
Languages: Common
INIT: 8 HP: 3
Normal: 3 Special: 1
Utility Points: 2
Utility Powers: Disorient, Focus

“Growing up from the forever-lit city, I truly loved only two things: scaling buildings and Daphnie. When someone you live for is ripped from you…there is nothing I won’t do to get her back.”

Kesh grew up trusting and naive in the city of light, fell for a lower-born girl, and had a knack for climbing the elaborate architecture his father designed and formed rather than following in the family business. His family, disapproving of the possible union, got help from the church of light to torture and brainwash this lowborn wretch to believing their son was the perpetrator of her anguish. Kesh, looking for answers to how and why his love had disappeared and hence despised him, went to the church for answers. He was taken aside to a small room when he gave his identity and was then told by a cleric that the church of darkness was the cause of her alteration. Filled with rage he accepts the mission to gather information on the Church of Darkness and possibly a way to restore his betrothed.

Kesh Singh

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