Vreni Leyden

Recoverer and Courier of Misplaced Goods


Class: Freelance Thief
Talents: Stealth, Acquisitions
Traits: Strong Air Affinity

HP: 4 UP: 3 XP: 7
N: 2 S: 2 Init:6

Utility Power: Teleport, Improvise
Equiptment: Lightning Casting Dagger, Leather Coat (Light Armor)
Appearance: 19; Female; 5’9"; Fine, fair hair; Blue-grey eyes; Light frame; Longcoat with big, heavy pockets


Her father was a viscount, or so they say—some even suggest that her grandfather was a duke—all we know for sure is that her mother was a lady of the night. Vreni grew up on the streets, but not for long. First chance she got, she headed north and lightward, for the noble estates, stealing aboard a postal carriage, quiet as the breeze.

Once in fairer country, Vreni’s fortunes started to turn, though a lowborn is still a lowborn no matter how high class the country they’re in. While she wasn’t scraping and stealing for her food anymore, she wasn’t exactly living the high life, either. Farming is work, but it isn’t fun work—and it doesn’t take a child long to look for other pursuits. Lesser girls might have turned to courting, maybe even whoring, but not Vreni. Vreni looked around and determined that the lessons she had learned stealing food in the city had yet to be taught to the people out here, so she set about teaching.

Now, I don’t know if you’ve done schoolin’, not much of a learner myself, but how I figure it there’s two ways of teaching: telling and showing. Vreni was never much one for telling. She started by showing the Count of Lumenshire a baron’s prized wine, then showed the baron Lumenshire’s favorite pocket watch before he could notice the missing wine. A few months later, she had developed a reputation for … Acquisitions, if you gather. All the noblesse from here to Zephyrglade knew Vreni was the one to hire for unique, hard-to-get items to complete their collections, no questions asked. The baron she’d acquired those first bottles of wine from even helped her keep things discrete.

Things were good for a few years. Vreni had a talent for wafting in like an unnoticed draft then disappearing in a flash of sound and confusion. When she acquired a piece, few people knew she’d been through, and fewer still knew how she’d done it. Air is hard to see, and lightning near impossible to bottle, or so they say. At any rate, the work was steady and so was the cash. Those were good times.

The trouble started when an earl from off darkward somewhere asked her to gather a rather famous painting—which happened to be considered a minor artifact of some long forgotten saint of the Church of Light. (Well … I forgot the saint anyway. He did the painting. You’ve probably seen it, or reproductions at any rate. “Light Trees in Winter”. Art critics love the snow.)

Anyway, being a relic of the church, the painting was obviously kept in a church facility, in this case a local chapel. Vreni hadn’t lifted anything from the church yet, but being a professional, figured it would be like any other job. Maybe someone had tipped them off, or maybe that is just what happens when you challenge the church, I wouldn’t know. In either case, they were expecting her.

Still, Vreni wasn’t entirely unprepared for what that one chapel had to throw at her. The earl who wanted the painting had it within the week. A week after that, the painting had disappeared, the earl was excommunicated, and the local bishop was suddenly knocking on Vreni’s door.

Rumor has it the whole thing had been orchestrated by a duke Vreni’d … acquired … a few baubles from months before. At any rate, the church knew of Vreni’s little business now, and figured she owed them, what with their not immediately imprisoning her and all.

That was a few weeks back, and no-one’s seen her around since then. Though a group of monsignor’s came out from the City of Light a few nights back and escorted the local bishop and a guest back into town. Chances are Vreni’s headed that way herself, though whether to pay her “debt” or just to lay low, I couldn’t say. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to wind my Lumenshire watch.

—An interview with the Baron of Laurence

Vreni Leyden

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