Lieutenant of Sol Invictus


Class: Mercenary Mage

Talents: Tracking, Burning objects, Monster Lore

Traits: Strong Fire Affinity

XP: 18

N: 0
S: 4

HP: 4
Wounds: 3

UP: 3/3

Utility Power:

Equipment: Blackened leather armor. Prayer beads. 20ft. chain and grappling hook.
Cloak of Suppression

Appearance: 26, Male, 6’ 2", Dark Haired, Hazel Eyes, wears thick leathers


The sun is hot. Most people just don’t realize how hot it really is. Of course it lights the world and provides heat for our world. But consider this, the sun heats the darkness so much that the darkness is habitable by human life. All human life is possible because of the heat of the sun. All humans deserve the chance to accept Sol’s light. No one is beyond the power of Sol to warm and light. Sol Invictus, the Undying Sun, represents this ideal. We fight for the right of all to be accepted in Sol’s light.

I was born of fire and light, though no one knew of a strong affinity in my family. Porion, my father was a real firebrand, a passionate salesman who lived out his days selling arms and armor in the Scintillant district. My mother, Feathia, is a cleric in the Scintillant chapel and heals what she can with her weak affinity to the light. Both did the best they could to support the three kids they had. Dantol, my elder brother, felt his heart burning for the forge at a young age. He apprenticed with father and took over the business after father fell asleep in the light. Rialya, my younger sister, had no special affinity for light or fire. What she did have was the most earnest heart for people I have ever seen. She would visit the chapel and learn from the clerics often. I have not spoken to her in years, but I hope she has found her place to serve.

Nothing about my birth was foretold in the stars, my parents are not important figures, and I know of no great mages in my lineage. Nonetheless, I found out that my father’s forge could not burn me. My brother had some resistance to the heat, but as a toddler, my hand merely felt warm on the steel beneath the coals. My parents could afford to have me tested with an elemental papyrus, which burst into flames just before my finger reached the thin strip. Knowing the meaning of this, my mother started quietly asking about the Academy of Magi within the Church. As I grew, my mother tried to feed my knowledge of doctrine, so that I could make a decision on whether to join the Academy.

At adolescence, fire and heat flowed from me in unexpected and dangerous ways. The Church picked up on these incidents fairly quickly and asked my mother to send me to the Academy of Magi to control the coming destructive force. Although this was an exciting opportunity, I have always disagreed with the way the Church uses their Fire Magi. My father arranged for me to travel with an alternative teacher, a mercenary mage who could teach me control in exchange for fighting monsters, criminals, and such with his band. After a few years of learning all I could from the magi of that merc band, I set out to test myself with stronger bands of more prestige. Eventually, I found a group whose ideals nearly matched mine wholly, Sol Invictus. For my skill in the field of battle, I was made a lieutenant of their ranks, able to lead men into battle or go on solo missions as the work demanded.

This new job working for the Church directly under an inquisitor seems a little out of normal operating procedure for Sol Invictus, but I am entrusted to see this job through. So I shall…


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